About Us

NPMPD established on 30 April 1994, is one of the oldest companies in the roofing industry. Founded in 1994 by the Subhash Bedmutha with two of his brothers, encouraged by his own ambitions and vision and motivated by his father Champalaal Bedmutha,  NPMPD Manufacturing Company has now grown from a maker of roofing sheets to manufacturer of ERW tubes, binding wire, weldmesh, chainlink & nails. The company’s ethos of hard work, skill and innovation have lent them a strong standing in the sector.

    Late Champalaal Bedmutha

The arch has been an engineering and architectural marvel since time immortal. Recognizing the importance of this aspect of engineering, New Pashchim Maharashtra Patra Depot excels at providing innovative and self-supported roofing technology with premium quality ERW tubes. Taking Indian engineering to the next level, Npmpd has had the opportunity to work for some of the biggest companies in India. Having understood the needs of its customers well, two-decades ago the company set foot in the Indian market. We have thus excelled at providing customised solutions that facilitate the need for extremely safe, durable, cost-effective, aesthetically appealing & easy to install products.  Unique features of the roofs provided by us, such as them being maintenance-free and having a longer life, stand us out. As the basic purpose of a roof is to ensure utmost protection to goods, machinery and people, Taking varied aspects into consideration while designing solutions for clients has lent New Pashchim Maharashtra Patra Depot the opportunity to glimpse the pinnacle of engineering success.

Self Supported Structure without Trusses, Purlins or Ancillary Support
The commonly used Trusses, Purlins or any other kind of ancillary, aren’t required for installing the roofs provided by New Pashchim Maharashtra Patra Depot. The roof provided by us, spanning up to 36 metres can stand on its own. This is not only economical in terms of time and energy but its longevity too is enhanced.

Constructing Roofs without Holes, Nut/Bolts, Overlaps or Sealants
One of the strongest distinguishing features of our product is the mechanical system of panel connection which requires no holes, nut/bolts, overlaps or sealants, which also adds to the economy of the project. 

Unobstructed 36 Meters of Clear Spans
Our System has had stunning success when it comes to roofing for wider spans. A continuous roof of up to 36 meters at a stretch can be easily and very effectively covered by using New Pashchim Maharashtra Patra Depot’s engineering solutions. The technology derives its essence from its formation that makes itself strong enough to sustain external load factors without any steel structure and intermediate columns.