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Tiles Profile

1) RAL 5012 blue 2) RAL 9002 white 3) RAL 6011 green mist 4) RAL 2008 orange 5) RAL 5018 relience green 6) brick Red. 7) Royal blue 8) camouflage Green 9) Wood finish 10) Camouflage Blue 11) Camouflage Red extras as per RAL code chart.

Clay tile design

Benefits over clay tiles

  • Offers the great looks of clay tiles with minium dead weight of the roof* Less joints, does not break, crack or leak

  • light weight, easy to handle and store

  • Easy to assemble, saves time and labour cost

  • Saving of structural steel by up to 405

  • length available upto 6 meters. Actual width-1060mm, Effective width-1020mm Trapezoidal roof and wall cladding

Mercury : Asthetic Design wall cladding

Our range of roofing, cladding and rainwater systems, made from raw materials of the highest quality in accordance with range ATTM / JIS / AS and IS standards, offers flexibility of design to suit any constructional need at your business, factory, home or office. Our products are made to meet your aesthetic needs as well

Attractive colours and Flexible Design

With our colour metal products you can explore your creativity when designing and constructing your building. You get to choose from a range of attractive colours and the flexibility of design gives you with opportunity to model your dream structure.

Convenient and Quick Solutions

Mercury range of building products offer quick, convenient ready- made building solutions to industrial and domestic building needs.

Economical Products

Mercury range of products are economical and are very durable, thus saving on construction and maintenance costs in comparison with related traditional products.

Resistance to Extremities of weather

Mercury colour metal products are engineered to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the South Asian region. They are robust and designed to resist rough weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Mercury range of products are engineered to colour and protective coating and these resist corrosion, cracking, peeling and chipping, As a result, the products last longer.

Our Range of Products

range of roofing products consists of Trapezoidal Profile, Wall Cladding, Corrugation Profile, Curvings-Crimpings and variety bof accessories like Flashings, Ridges, Bargecaps, Louvers, Gutters, Downpipes etc. We can also offer double skin, single skin, FRP, Poly Carbonate, Turbo ventilator


Base Metal High Tensile Steel
Coating Mass AZ 70 - AZ 150
Coated Std Às 1397-1993
Yeild Strength 350 Mps - 550 Mps
Tolerance +- 0.04 as per AS/NZS 1397


Base Metal High Tensile Steel
Coating Mass 70GSM - 150 GSM
Coated Std IS: 277/JIS:3302
Yeild Strength 240 Mps - 550 Mps
Thickness 40 to 1 mm
Tolerance =-0.03 as per IS: 513